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5 Ways the Gold Coast Beats the Big Apple

New York City has long been an American icon of glitz, glamor, and a little bit of grit, a city filled to the gills with possibility, with opportunity, a place where dreams can just as easily be made as broken. Since its origins, the Big Apple has drawn entrepreneurs and idealists alike, and over the years, it has grown into one of the most diverse and unique regions in the world. But big-city living definitely has its downsides, downsides that, in recent years, have had many looking to the left bank—the Gold Coast of New Jersey.

The Gold Coast: The Affordable Little Sister of the Big Apple

the gold coast of new jersey

Stretching along New Jersey’s Hudson River waterfront across from Manhattan, the Gold Coast has seen enormous growth over the past few years. Old warehouse buildings have been revitalized into luxury condos and modern businesses have transformed the manufacturing landscape into one of urban elegance—and it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

More and more often, would-be Manhattan buyers and renters are turning to the Left Bank… and here’s what they find.

Affordable prices—that’s more bang for your buck

luxury apartment on the gold coast

One of the biggest appeals of the Gold Coast? The urban, big-city lifestyle without the Big Apple price tags. If you take a look at median prices—as well as price per square foot—in NYC versus Jersey City, you’ll find a pretty tremendous difference. In JC, for example, you’ll see median listing prices sitting somewhere between $450k and $550k, depending on the location. Move over to Manhattan, and those prices easily clear $1 million.

So for buyers who don’t want to pay a few hundred thousand dollars for a 400 square foot studio condo, the Gold Coast offers some appealing options.

Beautiful modern luxury homes & high-rises

a luxury home on the gold coast

For those seeking the ultra-modern, ultra-urban, ultra-luxury glitz and glamor of NYC, there are more than a few options on the Left Bank. In fact, many of the area’s newest developments are targeted to exactly this kind of buyer—and they cost a fraction of their Manhattan counterparts.

Condo communities like Park and Shore, Gulls Cove, Henley on the Hudson, and Port Liberte offer the Manhattan lifestyle of amenity-filled walkability, gorgeous modern floorplans, and (often) on-site public transit… without those astronomical price tags.

Blossoming amenities for ultimate convenience

shopping on the gold coast

Contrary to popular belief, Manhattan isn’t the only place you can live, work, and play all without ever setting foot in the car. Thanks to its boom of new developments, the Gold Coast is fast becoming a place where you can walk to work, the grocery store, the park, the gym, the bar… you name it.

Development across the area involves thoughtful planning designed to promote that walkable live-work-play vibe that so many love about big-city living.

Outstanding public transit—across the river, too

public transit in jersey city

Thanks to all the public transportation development throughout the Gold Coast, traveling has never been easier. You can use the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to navigate the Left Bank from Bayonne to Hoboken, and the PATH subway has several stops in JC and Hoboken before it connects to Manhattan. The NY Waterway Ferry also has several stops on the Left Bank.

Additionally, many communities, like Port Liberte, offer their own private shuttle services to transport residents directly to various PATH stations.

A sense of suburban community

neighbors talking on the gold coast

Yes, it’s big-city living. Yes, it’s right across from the Big Apple. Yes, it’s vibrant and bustling and alive. There’s nightlife and entertainment. There’s art and culture. There’s urban living and walkability. But there’s something else here on the Gold Coast, too, something you just won’t find across the river—and that’s a sense of community.

It’s the feeling of getting to know your neighbors. The sense that you’re not just a nameless face in a sea of faces, another of the herd scrambling across the crowded street. It’s a city-hosted community gathering or celebration. It’s that family-owned business down the street that’s been serving fresh pies for three generations. It’s a little slice of something suburban and homey in the heart of all that big-city living.

It’s the Gold Coast, and it truly is unlike any other place in the world.

Ready to Find Your Home on the Left Bank?

Are you thinking of making a move to the Gold Coast area? Century 21 Viewpoint Realty is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can get you to the perfect home… in just the right spot.

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