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Have You Checked These Activities Off Your Bayonne Bucket List?

The Gold Coast’s got a lot to love—beautiful parks, bustling Downtown areas, amazing festivals and celebrations… There’s always something happening or some new activity promising adventure or excitement. If you’re looking for the ultimate Gold Coast experience, here’s your bucket list to the best activities in Bayonne and Jersey City.

Visit the 9/11 Monument

If you go nowhere else, this monument alone is worth a visit to Bayonne. Created by Zurab Tsereteli, this massive teardrop represents not only the sadness and grief experienced by an entire nation over the loss of life on 9/11, but also hope for a future beyond world terrorism. The monolith’s granite stand is covered in the names of all the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Take a Cruise to the State of Liberty and Ellis Island

ellis island and other things to do in bayonne

Head to the historic Central Railroad Terminal in Jersey City (worth a visit all on its own) and catch a ferry out to Ellis Island to explore one of the most important landmarks in American history, where nearly 9 million immigrants entered the country in hopes of a better future. Today, over 100 million Americans can trace their heritage to these Ellis Island immigrants.

The Statue of Liberty is of course another icon of American history and a symbol of freedom for people of all beliefs, races, and walks of life.

Explore Liberty State Park

strolling along liberty state park

With over 1,200 acres of green space in the heart of big-city bustle, Liberty State Park is a breath of fresh air filled with outdoor activities—and beautiful Manhattan views. Explore the park on foot, by bike, or on rollerblades, and maybe bring some binoculars for birding. There are picnic areas and playgrounds, as well as the Liberty Science Center, an Interpretive Center, and places for fishing, crabbing, and kayaking.

Liberty State Park is also home to the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial, a monument dedicated to the 749 World Trade Center victims who lived in or had ties to Jersey City.

Stroll the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

walking along the hudson river waterfront walkway in jersey city

Enjoy breathtaking views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty as you stroll from green park to green park along the Hudson River. This 18.5 mile 30-foot wide paved path stretches from the tip of Bayonne to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ. The walkway hasn’t been completed just yet, but most of the shoreline between Liberty National Golf Course and the GW Bridge has been finished.

Experience Local Art at Mana Contemporary

exploring the Mana Contemporary art center

Founded in 2011 in a large tobacco warehouse, Mana Contemporary is one of the largest contemporary art organizations in the country. In addition to studios and exhibits, Mana offers dance programs, sculpture, photography, and much more. Upon completion, it will cover more than 2 million square feet.

Dine at All the Best Local Restaurants

having a meal at a great local restaurant

Restaurants on the Gold Coast more than deserve their own bucket list; there are just so many fantastic places to eat around here! If you’re craving pizza, definitely start with Razza… they arguably do NY-style pizza better than New York. For Asian, you might want to try Otaiko, or if you’re seeking comfort foods, then Mathews.

Need more ideas? Check out or Bayonne food blog!

Ready to Come Have Some Fun in Bayonne?

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