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Why Client Reviews are So Important When Choosing a Realtor

You’re thinking of buying or selling a home, and you’re smart enough to know that you’re better off working with an expert rather than trying to do it all yourself. But… how to know which agent to choose? Any agent you talk to will probably tell you all the reasons they’re the best… but how much can you really believe?

One great way to know what it’s really like working with a Realtor is to read the reviews! Here’s why testimonials are so important when choosing a real estate agent.

You Get an Overall Impression

reading client reviews when choosing a realtorTypically, there are two types of reviewers. Happy clients and unhappy clients. When someone has a good experience, they want to share it. And when someone has a not-so-good experience… well, that typically doesn’t stay quiet. Agents with happy clients typically have lots of good reviews.

Reading reviews can help sort out the good agents from the smart-talkers.

You Relive the Experience

happy clients in bayonne njReading the reviews gives you much more depth than simply looking at the ratings. Did a particular client enjoy working with an agent because they shared similar interests… or because they genuinely thought the agent was good? Did a reviewer leave a poor review because their dream home got snatched up before they could make an offer, or did they actually find the agent to be unprofessional?

Reading about experiences can help determine what clients liked about a particular agent… and what they didn’t.

You Learn About Styles, Specialities, and Personalities

learning about agent stylesIf you’re selling a home and reading the reviews of an agent with a lot of 5-star buyer reviews and not-so-praiseworthy seller reviews… that might not be the right agent for you. Did clients love working with an agent but find them to be somewhat hard to get ahold of? Does a particular agent offer step-by-step assistance, or are they more suited for experienced investors? Are they tech gurus, or do clients wish they were more email- and text-friendly?

Reading testimonials can help determine whether the agent is the right fit for your needs.

Looking for an Agent in Bayonne?

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home in Bayonne, NJ? Then it’s time to contact Century 21 Viewpoint Realty. We’re here to help you along on your real estate journey, every step of the way. Just read what our clients have to say about us!

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